Termination of Employment

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The Layoff List -Are you at Risk of Losing your Job?

Termination of Employment

Being without a job can be very upsetting. It happens for a variety of reasons, but you may be raising that risk. There are measures you need to take in order to help ensure you aren’t on the chopping block.

When a business has to let go of employees, they are going to hold onto those that offer them the most value.  You want to be in that group.

Middle management positions are especially at risk, as a typical company that’s been around awhile is fat in the middle.  There is a lot of ‘weeding out’ that can be done.


What type of attitude do you have at work? Are you friendly and helpful to others?  Or, are you stinkin’ thinkin’?  Are you a whiner?  A complainer?

Can other employees count on you to get your work done and to help them when they need it? Negativity can poison a work environment fast, so those with a better attitude are more likely to get to stay if a company needs to cut back.

And, how are you with customers?  Are your customer service skills affected by your negativity?


Do you show up for work when you should? If you often show up late, ask to leave early, or you call in sick, then you may not be someone they feel they can count on. When push comes to shove, the company needs to keep employees that are there when they are scheduled.

Of course there are times when you will be sick or when you must leave work for various reasons. Do your best to schedule appointments around your normal work schedule.


Do you take the initiative to learn new things at work? When an employee is very visual, it makes them more valuable to the business. If you are able to step into the shoes of other employees in their absence, it won’t go unnoticed. Ask to cross train in other areas when your own workload is slow.


How much do you get done in a work day? Does it take you two days to do a day’s work?  Those employees with consistently high productivity will be among those that get to stay.

A co-worker was only half-joking when he said to me, “it doesn’t take me all day to do a day’s work.”

Those that don’t get much done or they have lots of mistakes in their work aren’t going to survive the cuts if the business has to downsize.


When you have reviews, what is in your records? Do you get rave reviews from your supervisor or do you have lots of areas where they feel you need improvement? The better your reviews are, the more likely it is that you will stay with the business. It is also more likely that you will get raises and the opportunity for advancement within the company.

Looking for Other Work

A sensitive area to think about is when you are actively in a job search -looking for other work. It is even more awkward when you’re not getting along at work, either with co-workers or management and they know you’re looking for work.

You might have to spiff up your interviewing skills and accelerate the time schedule if too many know what you’re up to.  Keep it to yourself. 

Other potential employers may be interested in calling your current employer. While you won’t be fired for this, it could mean that they won’t hesitate to let you go if they need to make cut backs. Their point of view is that you may already be on the way out the door.

They may feel more confident holding onto someone else. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for better job opportunities, but you should be aware of how it could negatively impact the job you already have.

There are some rules of etiquette for a job search and can be found here:  http://coverletterinterview.com/job-search-etiquette

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