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Job Search Etiquette -Mistakes to Avoid

Looking for a job can be time consuming and challenging. In fact, when you’re looking for a job –the job search is your job. Do all you can to make those efforts as effective as possible. There are some common mistakes that people make that you will want to avoid.

To wit:

#1 – A generic resume or generic cover letter doesn’t get results. You need something that identifies you job interview etiquetteas an individual. Take the time to customize the cover letter to address the job title and the job description. You only get once chance to impress –it needs to be a favorable impression. It makes no sense, then, not to submit a prize-winning cover letter.

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Since no one is born with the innate knowledge, and trial and error is effective but too slow and expensive, you will need some help with this. The best resource I have found is here: Cover letters that amaze.

The information on your resume is important. A plain vanilla cover letter may not induce someone to read your resume.  Don’t waste time with substandard cover letters.

#2 – An incomplete job application is a problem from the start. The employer will see this as you not being competent to do the job successfully. If you don’t know how to answer something, contact the employer and ask. If something doesn’t apply to you, write not applicable in that section.

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#3 – Always pay attention to deadlines for job listings. If the last day for applications is Friday and you turn yours in on Monday, it will go in the trash. If you are mailing the application, take the time to do it early so that it will be postmarked by that deadline. Use a long envelope too so that your materials remain crisp and clean rather than being folded for mailing.

#4 – Not following up is a very common mistake. Yet you have to be very respectable about how you do it. Call and identify yourself and state that you applied and would like to follow up regarding the application. Ask if interviews have already been scheduled. If not, try to get information about when they will be. Make sure you are very polite to the person answering the phone and that you thank them for their time. If you are successful in getting an interview, do follow up with a simple thank you note or card the following day.

#5 – Scheduled times to talk to a potential employer. Never just show up and expect them to fit you into their schedule. You also want to avoid going in to pick up a job application during their peak business hours. Always try to come in at a slower time so that you won’t be interrupting what they have already going on.  And, by all means, if you go, be dressed appropriately for the setting.  Dress as if you expect to run into the company president at the front desk.

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