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Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Answers: Review

This job-interview answers guide promises a lot and has received a lot of praise over the last few years, but the question remains:  Does it deliver on its promises and is it worth the investment?

Job Interview Answers: ReviewContinue reading to find out about my personal experience with Job Interview Answers and find out the pros and cons of this important   guide / tutorial.

It is written by author, career coach and business trainer, Bob Firestone.

I’ll get started right now by giving you a quick overview of what Job Interview Answers is all about.

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Just what is this “Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Answers 2014″ anyway?

First off, it doesn’t so much give you answers to questions you are likely going to face -those answers will differ between individuals and situations.

What it gives you are questions that you will likely encounter and  formulas for creating answers that are true to you. There are different ways of answering, based upon situations, experience and background.  Familiarity with the many varied questions you may hear is what enables you to craft a proper answer in advance -and this guide enables you to do that.

Knowledge is power.  Knowing up-front the types of questions you will be asked goes a long way toward the comfort of approaching any interview with a high level of self-confidence.  If you are armed with the knowledge, the awkwardness and nervousness are overshadowed.

Indeed, the confidence gives you poise and you portray a professional image.  There is a lot to be said about projecting a proper image and being received warmly as a result.

I’m now going to share what I rate as some of the most important “Pros” and “Cons” of Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Answers.

Pros of Job Interview Answers
This extensive guide allows you to break down every section of the interview and equips you with the necessary information to respond to a very complex line of questioning with poise and grace.

The guide also equips you with questions of your own with which to engage the interviewer -which will demonstrate a level of professionalism.  And, instructs how to close the interview with statements that project strength and understanding -leading to you asking for the job.

Cons of Job Interview Answers
The sales page for this invaluable guide is too hype-y for my liking.  Perhaps it has to be that way.  Please don’t be put off by the level of hype found on the sales page.  My natural inclination is to dismiss such stuff and not bother to read it. 

That would have been a mistake on my part.  (The fact that I held my nose and read the hype-y sales page is, perhaps a measure of how desperate I felt, or how much help I felt I needed at the time.

Job Interview TipIt must be understood by all who read thisa Reality Check
Any ‘self-help interview guide’ like this one would like you to believe that excelling at your next interview will be a near certainty.

Maybe it will be.  But there is a caveat. 

What you get from this guide (in terms of knowledge, skills, confidence, poise, charm and grace) will be in direct proportion to what you put into it.

It requires much study, practice and preparation to internalize what is in this interview guide.  You will benefit to the degree you internalize the contents.  Can it be done?  It most certainly can be, and to do so will place you on a level playing field with your interviewer.

It almost certainly will require help from someone along the way -but not necessarily.  Help from a family member or a friend is a good idea -to have someone ask you questions.  You might even want to do a dress rehearsal.

Understand further, that because the sales page for this interview answers guide states multiple times that (if armed with this guide) you will be hired, I feel compelled to inject a dose of reality that is conspicuously missing.

You are either qualified for the position -or, you are not.  If you are not qualified (in terms of education, experience or background, no amount of interview preparation or spin can overcome that.  (Lying, of course, should  never be considered an option.)

The main purpose of this interview answers guide is to allow you an advantage over your equally or lessor qualified competition -when interviewing for a job that YOU are qualified for.

Considering all the work that you’ve invested into your job search, it makes no sense not to be prepared and armed to the teeth with all interviewing skills you can learn and have at your command. Why leave anything to chance?

If two people have the same qualifications for a job, who do you think will get the nod?  Of course, the person who paints the best picture of (him or) herself at the interview is the short answer.

This includes projecting how the hiring manager’s life will be easier and how valuable you will be to the company, although all that is masked beneath a carload of questions that delve into some abstract areas of, not only how valuable you’ve been in someone else’s employ, but in what -and in how many ways.

Common and not unreasonable questions, but ticklish nonetheless, such as:

  • What prompted you to leave your last job?
  • Have you ever been terminated for cause?  Or forced out?
  • What’s the reason behind your jumping around to so many jobs over such a short time span?
  • Can you describe some of your weak areas …and give some examples of them?

This is a tiny sampling of what is revealed in the Ultimate Guide.  However, this line of questioning should not cause you to miss a beat, if you’re prepared -and can spin it into a positive.

The Takeaway
While this Guide isn’t perfect, it’s still an extremely good value for the money.

The Guide is your opportunity to acquire the skill set necessary to enable you to approach any job interview with a healthy level of nonchalance. 

That comfort level will arise from the attitude and poise that comes with an approach to the interview hoping for the best, expecting the worse, and having the confidence (acquired from knowing you are prepared) to handle whatever they throw at you.

The Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Answers 2014 has been used by thousands over the past several years.  You can read what they have said about it on the official website:

 Go to: The Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Answers 2014

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