How to make a Strong Impression at a Job Interview

People like to do business with people they like …

Job Interview:  How to make a Strong Impression  

The job interview is your chance to really promote who you are. You want the time that the interviewer spends with you to stand out.  You want to stand out among the crowd, as well.  Do what you can to make a strong impression so that you get offered the job.  

Earlier is Better

If you get the choice of time for your job interview, try to be one of the first. That is when the attention span will be fresh for the interviewer. If you end up with an afternoon appointment though that doesn’t mean you can’t do well. You will just have to work harder to make sure you give the best possible impression.

Dress for it

Don’t be lazy when it comes to how you look for the job interview. You need to dress well for it. Even if money is tight, an outfit for interviews that fits well and that you are confident in is important.


It may sound too easy, but smile when you come into the room. Not only will it help you to relax, but it will also put the person conducting the interview at ease too. They will remember your warm smile and it will help them to think that you can easily be a good fit around their business. After all, who doesn’t want to see a smiling face when it comes to work or when it comes to handling the needs of customers?

Be Prepared

Always be on time for a job interview. Be ready for variables you can’t control such as weather and the traffic. Bring along a copy of your resume and your application. They will already have that information but it can be a nice reference for you as well. If you have a portfolio of your work for certain types of jobs, bring it with you and ask if you can show them some of it. The visual aspect of what you can offer can be what makes a huge impression on them. 

Express your Work Ethic

Most employers agree that they can teach someone how to fulfill the job. However, what they can’t teach is ethical behavior and a positive attitude. Convey in the interview that you are outgoing, that you are determined, and that you enjoy a challenge. They will see you as someone with strong character that is able to really help take their business to the next level. They won’t see you as just another option to pick from for the job they have available.

Be Genuine

Throughout the interview, be genuine with how you act and how you talk. You don’t want to be robotic with your movements. You don’t want to sound rehearsed with your words. Take the time to thank the individual for the time they spent interviewing you. Tell them that you are very excited after talking to them about the job, and that you hope you will be hired. Take that initiative to tell them what you want.

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