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This page was last updated on 15th of January 2018

Hello, and welcome to CoverLetterInterview.  Dave Potts here.  I’ve been where you may be right now.  I set this site up to pass along some of what I learned -with hope that it will benefit someone.

If you are a person who has been a victim of the lousy economy and have been under-employed, or you are a recent grad in competition with all the others, or you are currently employed and looking for a better job -you are in the RIGHT place (at the right time).

Cover Letter Tips: Advanced

Having trouble getting invited for a job interview, like I was?

You made a good decision to follow whatever path led you to this website.  You have landed on a site that can shine some light on meeting the challenge and help you get yourself hired.

If you will stick with me here for a few minutes, and read down to the end of the page, I will share with you a couple of gems of wisdom and some valuable insight I’ve picked up over the years that will benefit you to know.

Have you discovered, as I have, that job interviews are not that easy to get?  Not everyone who submits a resume gets an interview.

How then, does one get placed among the few that do get interviews?  How do you break the cycle of resume submission and waiting for the phone to ring, only to be disappointed?  Again.

 That is the Question.

 If you are here, I’m guessing that you are seeking information on how to step up your game –regarding how to get a job interview.

And, what if you get an interview?  You need the skills and confidence to parlay that into an offer letter.  You may ask, “And, what about that? How do I brush up those skills, and bolster my confidence?”

For insight into meeting that challenge, read my thoughts on preparing oneself for dealing with Interview questions and answers.

Important: Read this first, because many get it wrong.

Cover Letter Tips:

The folks who were left standing after the last lay-off are mostly overworked and under-appreciated. Even if they’re not, you don’t want to risk using an ho-hum cover letter. You need to get their attention.

If you’re like me and many others, we were told that the almighty resume is the Be All – End All when it comes to a successful job search.  But here is the reality.

People are busy at work.

Consider this: millions of jobs evaporated in the turmoil of the Great Recession.  One must empathize with those who lost their jobs, of course.  The flip side of that is many who are still employed are doing the job of two people.

Do they like being pushed to the limit?  Likely not, but most, no doubt feel fortunate to be working at all.

The show must go on.  Many companies have leaned on their remaining employees and challenged them to step up the pace.  There is so much that needs to be done and less people on payroll doing it.

Companies are running ‘lean and mean.’   

The point is this … Those who accept and process job applications and resumes are numb to them.  They are often feeling over-worked and under-paid.  (Sound familiar?)

The plain truth is, regardless of how qualified you are for the job, regardless of what is on your resume or how much money you paid someone to help you develop it, it won’t be read unless you have a very engaging Cover Letter.

Today, even with a great cover letter, you will not likely be hired by anyone if you do not have a full package.  A full package is comprised of two things.  Neither begins with the letter ‘R’ (for resume).

1. You need a great cover letter for that resume; one that stands out from the rest.  As stated above, you will not likely be granted an interview without one.

2. You need the answers to some very challenging questions that will be posed in the job interview.   

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Here’s a Cover Letter Tip for you:

 When I was in need of a cover letter for my resume and job application, I scoured the Internet looking for FREE examples of cover letters.  What I found was a proliferation of so-called ‘boilerplate’ letters that seemed tired and threadbare.

I did not find among the free stuff anything that looked any different than content I’d used before.  That content was unsuccessful in the past.  There was no reason to believe I’d fare any better if I used it again.

What I needed and was focused on finding was something that would be different.  I wanted something that most other people do not use.  It became apparent I’d need to plunk down some money for something I hadn’t seen before.  I began a search for premium content.  I did not want my future success to hinge on my willingness (or, lack of) to part with a few bucks.

This is the best one I found:

The Amazing Cover Letter Creator – As the name implies, this is a cover letter generator -a database that will cook up a cover letter, the content of which you have complete control over.   You choose the content from among many types and from content for many various uses or purposes. This program has been in use for a few years, has been used by almost 20,000 people so far, and remains quite relevant for today’s economic environment.

It breaks down the task of developing a resume cover letter into custom categories based upon your input, with variables for experience level and how large a pool of applicants you think you’ll be competing against, as well as many other factors.

The program further enhances the letter with great “attention getting ingredients” that are customized for many situations and selected by you.  It is designed to stand apart from the crowd.

Indeed, I think it does a great job toward that end.  My full review on the Cover Letter Creator is HERE.

Something you need to know:

Most people do not go out of their way to do anything to enhance their cover letter.  If you are serious about wanting to win a job interview, it would behoove you to arm yourself with the knowledge necessary to craft a very unique cover letter that will capture the reader’s attention at first glance and will compel him or her to continue reading through to the end.

If you can do that, it will result in your resume being placed in the short pile (to be invited for an interview) instead of destined for the circular file (trash).

Your cover letter, ideally, should cause the reader to wonder aloud, “Why haven’t I met this person yet?”

Important: Don’t Be Put Off By This

At first glance, the sales page of The Amazing Cover Letter Creator, was a little too hype-y for my liking.  I could have easily turned away.  There was something there, however, that kept me reading.

If you are put off by hype-y sales pages, like I am, I encourage you to give it a thorough reading before you attempt to evaluate the program.  I found there was substance behind the hype.

Additionally, one of the first things you see is a big splash about the ability to whip out a cover letter in 3-1/2 minutes.

That is ridiculous.

While it is technically possible to develop a cover letter in 3-1/2 minutes using the Amazing Cover Letter program, I can tell you it won’t be one you would want to use.

This program will give you everything you need to craft a cover letter that could win a contest.  And, it’ll take you longer than 3-1/2 minutes.

A Little Cover Letter Tip

 Take an objective look at your own signature.  If you are one whose handwriting is small or difficult to read, it could be perceived as weak.  Some practice is in order if you want to come across as confident and self-assured.

A strong cover letter and a weak signature work against each other.

Final Cover Letter Tip

I struggled enough before I became adept at communicating at a higher level than my competitors.  The reality is that no one is born with this knowledge.  It has to be learned.

The resumes that get noticed first are the ones attached to cover letters written by those who have learned their lessons well.  They are the ones who get invited to interview first.

How to Find Out More …

The Best is Yet to Come!  

Thanks for spending some time here. My goal is to help shorten your learning curve.  I hope the information is useful to someone.

You are at a crossroad.  If you keep on submitting the same old tired cover letters, you will likely be out-paced by someone who has learned to develop a more effective cover letter.

What I suggest is that you take time to evaluate the Amazing Cover Letter Creator for yourself in a quiet place when you have time for serious thought.  Tip-toe around the sales jargon and find out all you can about using the unique tools to craft a smashing cover letter.

You don’t get a second chance for a first impression!

 Click Here to Find Out More About the Amazing Cover Letter Creator


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8 Responses to “Cover Letter Tips”

  1. Robert C says:

    Thanks for that bit about my signature. Upon reflection -and some consultation, mine was generally regarded as crap.

    I’ve been practicing my new signature. You should see it.
    Thanks for that.

    Bob C

    • Dave Potts says:

      Hi Bob –

      Thanks for the note. I’m glad we could be of assistance.

      I think it’s something we (generally speaking) don’t think of too much.
      I know my own signature could use some work. I have to consciously attempt to
      enunciate it as I write it. If I do, it turns out much better.

      Best of luck.
      Dave P.

  2. Allison Rothstein says:

    Hello –
    This is Allison. I was complimented during my recent job interview about my cover letter that I used to accompany my resume.

    The woman who interviewed me said, in an off-handed manner, that my cover letter was ‘remarkable.’ That’s the word she used.

    When I reacted with surprise, she further explained that the overwhelming majority of cover letters she receives have a look and feel of something a fifth grader produced.

    That surprised me a lot -but, far be it from me to argue about it.

    I am quite excited at the moment -I was asked to come back in for a second interview. I believe the cover letter had more than a little to do with that.

    I am fortunate, I think, to have found the Cover Letter Creator when I did. There is a good chance my former cover letter looked like a fifth grader wrote it (if I am to believe my interviewer).

    Thanks for helping me get a ‘leg up’ on my competitors. I will be telling my friends about it.


    • Dave Potts says:

      Hi Allison –

      I don’t know if all that’s true (about the 5th grade) -but I appreciate the compliment.

      Congratulations on making the ‘cut.’ Best of luck -I hope you get ‘your’ job.

      Dave P.

  3. R. Chapman says:

    Hello –

    I’m struggling with choosing the right words to use. I heard there are a few words -or, buzz words to stay away from. What’s your take on that, if you don’t mind.


    Bob C

    • Dave Potts says:

      Hello Bob –

      You heard correctly. There were a couple recent news articles I saw that outlined that very topic.

      Linked In published a list of the topmost words used by U.S. professionals seeking employment.

      Here are a few (In no particular order):
      Analytical, Motivated, Creative, Effective, Innovative, Problem solving, Extensive experience, Organizational, Track record, Responsible.

      The use of any of these words lumps you into the same category as the majority of everyone else. It may be difficult but not impossible to find another way of conveying the same thought -even if it takes a sentence or two. Dust off the old Thesaurus.

      I read (a long time ago) that one could gain acceptance into a certain group by knowing a handful of buzz words about a certain topic. That may be true on the street. When looking for a job, that group you’ll be accepted into is the “Ho-Hum, La-te-da” group, as your resume whistles toward the circular file (trash).

      The U.S. isn’t the only place to witness this trend. Places like Australia, the Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Singapore, and New Zealand are known to have a poor record when it comes to finding diverse terms and keywords.

      Here’s a few more to shy away from: leverage, innovation, optimization, pivot.

      What’s left, then? The person who discovers that answer will be on the shortlist for an interview, certainly.

      The answer lies in the story. Tell a story about yourself.

      To read more, see:
      and, Avoid

  4. Irissa says:


    I read your article about the cover letter, but it still seems confusing to me. As I will be graduating soon I need to find and obtain a job to fund my college education. Maybe I don’t understand because I am new to the whole process, but I am in need of some serious help. may I please have some advise?

    Have a nice day,

    • Dave Potts says:

      Irissa –

      I am a little confused about your inquiry. This entire website is chock full of advise and
      is linked, as well, to many other resources designed to help you reach your goal -that is, if your
      goal is to get hired in a position related to your education and skill set.

      Thanks for visiting us here. Best of luck to you.

      Dave Potts

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