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Jimmy P. Sweeney (author)
Jimmy Sweeney is president of and is the main guy behind the top selling career advice product called “Amazing Cover Letters.” I thought it would be prudent to see how much background information I could locate on the man and his company before I plunked down any of my Hard Working Dollars.  I didn’t find a lot of information –which isn’t necessarily bad.  A good [...]
Amazing Cover Letter Creator Review
What is the Amazing Cover Letter Creator, anyway? {This page was last updated on } This Cover Letter tutorial has received a lot of attention over the last few years.  It’s not surprising, in these challenging economic times, while there has been so many people seeking employment.  If you're wondering, like I was, if there's any substance behind the tall talk, stick with me here and read [...]
Job Interview Answers Review
This page was last updated on Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Answers: Review This job-interview answers guide promises a lot and has received a lot of praise over the last few years, but the question remains:  Does it deliver on its promises and is it worth the investment? Continue reading to find out about my personal experience with Job Interview Answers and find out the pros and cons [...]
Bob Firestone (author)
Who is Bob Firestone? I like to find out who is behind certain products before I buy.  If you’re like me, you will be interested to know that Bob Firestone is a real person.  I was glad to find out he's not in the tire business. Bob Firestone is the man behind The Ultimate Guide to Interview Questions and Answers, an eLearning product that is one in a series of “Ultimate Guides.”  I [...]