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How to make a Strong Impression at a Job Interview
Job Interview:  How to make a Strong Impression   The job interview is your chance to really promote who you are. You want the time that the interviewer spends with you to stand out.  You want to stand out among the crowd, as well.  Do what you can to make a strong impression so that you get offered the job.   Earlier is Better If you get the choice of time for your job interview, try [...]
Termination of Employment
The Layoff List -Are you at Risk of Losing your Job? Termination of Employment Being without a job can be very upsetting. It happens for a variety of reasons, but you may be raising that risk. There are measures you need to take in order to help ensure you aren’t on the chopping block. When a business has to let go of employees, they are going to hold onto those that offer them the most value.  [...]
What is a Behavioral Interview
Behavioral Interviews What is it?  It is a style of interviewing used by hiring managers to determine whether or not a candidate is a good fit for a job.  They are typically looking for three things.    Number 1 is content.  If you’re an engineer, for example -what degrees do you have; what experience do you have in engineering, etc.  Maybe they’ll ask some challenging questions [...]
What’s Your Brand?
What's Your Brand? (Job Interview Question) Just when you thought that you were ready for any job interview question, they hit you with one you weren’t ready for! Job interviewers often do this to see how you handle things on the spur of the moment. One question that may come up is if you had a brand, what it would be as well as why. They want to see what your creative approach is to this. It’s [...]
How to Dress for a Job Interview
How to Dress for a Job Interview Determining what to wear for a job interview is very important. You need to make sure it is appropriate for the type of job you are looking at. You don’t always have to wear a suit though as there are times when you can dress business casual. If you are applying for a job in an office or something that is very professional, you do need to wear a suit.   Dressing [...]
Job Search Etiquette
Job Search Etiquette -Mistakes to Avoid Looking for a job can be time consuming and challenging. In fact, when you’re looking for a job –the job search is your job. Do all you can to make those efforts as effective as possible. There are some common mistakes that people make that you will want to avoid. To wit: #1 – A generic resume or generic cover letter doesn’t get results. You need [...]
Building Rapport
Building Rapport in a Job Interview Even though you go into a job interview to sell your education and skills, it takes more than that to get the job. Building rapport goes a long way regarding the impression the interviewer has of you. The better it is, the better your chance is of getting hired. Working to build rapport is important because you need to do all you can to edge out your competition. Show [...]
How to Tell if Someone is Lying
How to Tell if Someone is Lying Evasive answers when you are trying to get a job can be frustrating. There are ways to tell if someone is lying to you, though. For example, they may be telling you they still have more interviews to conduct or that they aren’t sure yet of what the pay will be for the job. If they tell you that they are still doing interviews, ask them how many more and when they [...]
Ex Felon Job Search
Ex-Felon Job Search Finding a quality job when you have a felony conviction from the past can be harder than you may have imagined. It is often very frustrating because there are many doors that are not open for you to explore.  With some exploration in the right areas, armed with the knowledge required to adequately market your skills and positive attributes, a good job search may well pay off. Many [...]
Are You a Job Hopper
Are You a Job-Hopper? The term job hopper refers to someone that doesn’t stay at a job very long. They move from one job to the next. This doesn’t look good at all to employers. They don’t want to spend the time and money it takes to conduct a candidate search to hire you and the additional money involved with training you -then you are gone in the blink of an eye and they have to start the [...]