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Medical Assistant Cover Letter
Medical Assistant and Nursing Cover Letters If you’re looking to get hired as a Medical Assistant or Nurse Practitioner, stick with it here for a few minutes and read on down the page. Have you ever wondered how to advance to the front of the line? How do you stand out in a crowd of equally qualified applicants? How is it that some with lesser qualifications get hired sometimes ahead of others? The [...]
Situational Interview Questions
This page was last updated on The Situational Interview Hello. and welcome! My name is Dave. If you’ve come here seeking information on how to ‘bone up’ on Situational Interview Questions, you’re in the right place. Stick with me for a couple of minutes and I’ll give you a couple important nuggets I’ve learned over the years and show you where I've turned to for some important insight [...]
To Whom It May Concern
To Whom It May Concern: Cover Letter Salutations So, you’ve heard that using that time-worn phrase To Whom It May Concern on your cover letter isn’t so cool.  But you don’t know who to address it to -and rather than spending time finding the name, you’re wondering if maybe you can squeak by with using it.   Does that sound like you? Stick here for a few minutes because I’ll let you [...]
Administrative Assistant Cover Letter
Cover Letter for an Administrative Assistant If you are an administrative assistant and have come here because you want to spruce up your cover letter, you found a good resource, right here. If you give me couple of minutes of your time, I’ll show you some information about how to create (what could be) an Administrative Assistant Cover Letter that could win a contest. and some information recently [...]
The S.T.A.R. Interview
The S.T.A.R. Interview: A Method for Framing Interview Answers If you bombed a couple of interviews already, like I did, and are looking for ways to survive the next one, you are in a good place.  Stick with me here for a couple of minutes and I’ll walk you through the STAR technique and give you a couple of heavy tips. I’ll also show you the place I found that taught me the most about, [...]
Behavioral Interview Questions and Answers
This page was last updated on Be sure and check out the brief video below before leaving. Many of the questions that you are asked in various interviews won’t be black and white. There are many shades of gray -and that is intentional. The interviewer is trying to find out what your behavior might be based on various scenarios –or, what your behavior was in a past situation. They are looking [...]
Teacher Cover Letter
Cover Letter for a Teaching Position So, you’ve whipped your resume into shape and it’s time to ‘shotgun’ it out there if you ever expect to find one of those teaching positions. Congratulations! You’re almost over the hump. Next is your Cover Letter.  You only have one chance to make a great impression, so it better be good. What is revealed about you between the lines of your cover [...]
Cover Letter Tips
This page was last updated on Hello, and welcome to CoverLetterInterview.  Dave Potts here.  I've been where you may be right now.  I set this site up to pass along some of what I learned -with hope that it will benefit someone. If you are a person who has been a victim of the lousy economy and have been under-employed, or you are a recent grad in competition with all the others, or you are [...]
How to Sell Yourself
This page was last updated on How to Interview Well. If you’ve gotten over the Resume Cover Letter Hurdle, the next logical step is to arm yourself with the knowledge it takes to get through a Job Interview. When you interview well, this is what happens. CLICK the image to find out how to make it happen for you. You’ve arrived at a site that can put you in a position to win next time [...]
Social Media and the Job Hunt
Social Media and the Job Hunt: Relevant Data; Related Use by HR to Fill a Position As important as it is to create your award-winning cover letter to accompany your sterling resume, if you wish to sway the odds of landing a job interview in your favor, you need to have a presence in the social media. The truth in that statement is borne by the following:  (You might like to know -This page [...]