Bob Firestone (author)

People like to do business with people they like …

Who is Bob Firestone?

I like to find out who is behind certain products before I buy.  If you’re like me, you will be interested to know that Bob Firestone is a real person.  I was glad to find out he’s not in the tire business.
Bob Firestone: Job Interview Answers
Bob Firestone is the man behind The Ultimate Guide to Interview Questions and Answers, an eLearning product that is one in a series of “Ultimate Guides.” 

I spent a couple of afternoons poking around the web looking for info about Bob Firestone.  One of the first things I was able to determine about Mr. Firestone is that he is a well-known businessman in certain circles.

After some additional searches found I out that he does have an extensive background as an author, career coach and sales trainer.  He is listed as a founder at a company called Success Patterns, LLC.

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Other Crucial Tools for job search when stakes are high

There are a slew of customer testimonials published and his customer satisfaction goals are backed up by his 60 day money-back offer if not completely satisfied with his work.

Because I am cautious, I was happy about that.  I like to touch and feel things before I commit to pay for them, generally.  That’s was a big check mark in the ‘positive’ column for me.  Because there was no risk involved, I went ahead and ordered a copy of the program.

Bob Firestone  lives and works in Southern California.  He attended the University of California at Berkley and Columbia Business School where he received a Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA).

I did a reasonable search on the Internet and was unable to find any reports about Bob Firestone that would tarnish his reputation.  Having since bought the ‘Ultimate Guide to Interview Questions and Answers,’ and used it successfully to place myself in a winning position, I can tell you that Bob Firestone is someone I’d like to associate with.

What’s Next? 
I strongly encourage you to have a close look at the full review of the Ultimate Guide to Interview Questions and Answers 2014 to determine if it might be something that could make an effective change in your job search -as it did for me.  It is newly revised for 2014, now in its Seventh Edition.

CLICK HERE: Ultimate Guide to Interview Questions and Answers 2014

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Bob Firestone
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8 Responses to “Bob Firestone (author)”

  1. Julia says:

    Hello –

    I never knew of Mr. Firestone. It looks like he has quite a record of helping people climb the ladder.
    I’m glad I stumbled across this tool of his. I think it will make a difference.


  2. Jack says:

    I’ve been unemployed for six months and after countless job interviews I’m still unable to find a job. It’s so maddening to think that just 5 years ago I was getting job offers from several companies and at the time it seemed like I’d never be out of a job. Things can change very fast and my life has taken a tumble in the half year of being unemployed. I’ve never needed help getting a job in the past, but perhaps it’s time to set aside my pride and start learning from others.

    • Dave Potts says:

      Jack –
      Thanks for the heartfelt note. It’s tough out there, for sure.

      I was unemployed for 6 months -twice inside of two years back in the early eighties.
      As a contractor, you expect holes in your employment but, that was too much.

      I decided to go out on the road -to go where the work was, after that.
      And, that, for me, made the difference.

      The Interview Answers Guide is a solid piece, if you think you are ready to up your game.
      I encourage people to make the needed improvements. The stakes are high, are they not?

      Good luck to you.

      Dave P

  3. Nicholas says:

    It’s always a positive sign when a product is offered with a money back guarantee, because that means the seller is highly confident of his/her product. Bob Firestone’s The Ultimate Guide to Interview Questions and Answers has a very generous 60 day money back guarantee, so that’s more than enough time to test drive the system and decide whether or not is worth keeping. Heck, I might even be employed by that time. Bob Firestone’s impressive resume is a big plus as well, so I’m feeling really good about his product.

    • Dave Potts says:

      Nick –

      Thanks for the note. And, your confidence in Firestone’s product.
      It has been our experience here that there are seldom, if any, people
      who choose to return their purchase. (I can’t recall any).

      As the product has many outlets other than,
      there may be some number of people who have opted to return the
      Ultimate Guide that I am unaware of.


  4. Layla says:

    There are so many educational products online that, more often than not, it is the vast amount of choices that make the selection process so time consuming.

    Anyways, I’ve seen lots of products similar to the Ultimate Guide to Interview Answers, but unfortunately they were all written by some know it all hotshots that have no business teaching people how to land a job. With that said I’m happy with Bob Firestone’s own resume and his business being legit. After this review I’m definitely comfortable giving his guide a try.

    • Dave Potts says:

      Hi Layla –

      Thanks for taking the time to leave your comment.
      We do appreciate it.

      What you mentioned about the legitimacy of Firestone’s business is what
      raised the value of the Ultimate Guide, in my eyes. He’s been at it for
      quite some time and has quite a successful record.

      Good luck to you in your job hunt.

      Dave P

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