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Cover Letter for an Administrative Assistant

administrative assistant cover letterIf you are an administrative assistant and have come here because you want to spruce up your cover letter, you found a good resource, right here.

If you give me couple of minutes of your time, I’ll show you some information about how to create (what could be) an Administrative Assistant Cover Letter that could win a contest. and some information recently reported by the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP). 

I recommend reading to the very end of the page to avoid some wasted time and energy -and, to view the IAAP video below.

The Best Place to Get Cover Letter Advice
Whether you came here as a seasoned professional or a younger worker not long out of school, you have, no doubt, invested much time and money into sharpening your wide ranging set of skills and qualifications. 

If you are looking to take a step up, changing companies in a lateral move or, looking for the all-important first job position, you need an excellent cover letter.  After you’ve spent so much time massaging your resume, you can’t send it off with a sub-standard cover letter.  You can -but it likely won’t result in getting an interview; which is, of course, the objective.

I, too, am a professional. When I went online looking for examples of good cover letters, there was certainly no shortage of them.  The problem, as I came to see it, is all the free stuff online was much the same. 

Because of the easy and free access, I must assume most everybody uses it.  My challenge was to find something that would assist me in drafting a cover letter that would set my resume apart from the pack of other applicants.

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Cover Letter Tip
It’s impossible to know when or if someone will bother to read your cover letter -or, whether it will be the deciding factor regarding whether your application lives or is discarded. That is the reality. 

Some authorities on the topic recommend the cover letter match the job posting and that it includes keywords, as well.  Having some kind of notable mention about a personal contact within the company, a mutual acquaintance, or some kind of pertinent information regarding either the industry or the company, is a good idea.

The Challenge of Getting Your Cover Letter Noticed
The problem with the ton of available cover letter samples and examples –at least the ones I saw, is they don’t help you with the personal content.  What is provided is a format, do’s and don’ts, some professional customs, and the like.

What I needed help with was the content.  My content –that describes me and why I could be the person they were looking for.  How can I make it sound real and not exaggerated bunk?  How can that be accomplished in a way that results in the highest chance of obtaining an interview?  I eventually found the answers to those questions. 

Here is the Website I found that made the big difference for me.

 The Amazing Cover Letter Creator 

Over 19,000 people have downloaded this program in the past few years.

It is Important to Note
The resource named above does not specialize in cover letters for Administrative Assistants.  It has the ability to develop a complete range of cover letters for anyone in any profession –personalized with input chosen by you.  It utilizes very effective ‘attention-getting’ components that set the cover letter apart from every Tom, Dick & Harriet.

Big  Professional Tip
A recently released (by Office Team) Guide to Salaries in 2013 provides a salary index for cities and metro regions –in addition to identifying hiring trends and salaries.

One takeaway is that the pay and the demand for office professionals are increasing.  Seventy five percent of the hiring managers surveyed are finding it challenging to fill administrative professional positions with qualified people.  Companies are seeking skilled office pros with high level experience.  

This bodes well for highly experienced people, as it seems to be a job searchers market.  But also for the younger, less experienced group who will be tapped to fill the positions of those moving up.

Next Logical Step: Find Out More
Thanks for reading through.  I hope the cover letter tips have been useful to you.  However, the only thing that will actually get your winning cover letter written is to take action.  What I suggest you do is take a close look at the Amazing Cover Letter Creator website, mentioned above.  Find out exactly how it can help you develop a cover letter that commands attention, what it costs (not much) and what comes with it (a few bonus items).

 Click Here to Learn More About the Website that Made My Cover Letter More Distinctive


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3 Responses to “Administrative Assistant Cover Letter”

  1. R. Pahl says:

    Thanks for the tip about wages trending upward.
    I’ll explore that here locally. (It’s about time).


  2. Ed Reed says:

    Hi –

    I am feeling a little ‘put-off’ by the notion that some companies are not even reading cover letters and resumes. Not a big surprise, though.

    The scanners make me feel one step closer to being a number, rather than a face.
    It’s no surprise.

    • Dave Potts says:

      I don’t disagree with you Ed.
      That’s where we are though.

      Still, one must not neglect the cover letter
      because you never know when someone might read it.
      And, it better be good.

      Dave P

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