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The objective was to put together a site that is easy to use and sets down all the information in one place.

CoverLetterInterview.com provides some perspective on creating cover letters that are unique and set-apart from the stuff everyone else uses. For acquiring job interview skills, there is discussion for those interested in becoming proficient in answering interview questions that are posed in the situational, competency or behavioral format. The meaning of the terms are similar.   There are slight differences.  Geographic location plays a small part in that, as well.

You may be interested to know that the author of the articles on this website is a successful user of the products offered. Thousands of others claim to have had success, as well.

Your results may be different. It is the author’s opinion that the results will be in proportion to the effort expended by the individual. An honest effort should result in increased skills of the subject matter.

No guarantees are made by CoverLetterInterview.com about the results of your effort. However, both products offered on this website offer ‘No-questions-asked’ refunds, if not satisfied.

If you have any suggestions about something you’d like to see added to CoverLetterInterview.com, kindly contact us via the ‘Contact‘ page.

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